3D Printing (Metal)

3D Metal printing is a process in which a 3D file of a model is transformed into a metal object by fusing a section of the powder bed in successive layers. A benefit of this is being able to manufacture complex shapes which otherwise would be impossible to manufacture.

The benefits of 3D metal printing:

  • Increases design innovation - Create new ideas, shapes with quick turnaround for a physical part to gauge, look and feel.

  • Speeds up time to market - Making idea to prototype cycle much faster. Necessary adjustments made more rapidly.

  • Reduces development cost - Use less materials. No requirement for tooling.

  • Reverse - engineering - Obsolete parts without drawing can now be scanned and reproduced easily.

  • Enables smaller batch production - Low volume parts of less than 1,000 pcs

3D Printing (Plastic)

Sella-Askus have the facility of 3D printing in plastic. The 3D printer ensures that tolerances as close as 16 microns can be met. This can give you the option of viewing a proto-type before the expenses of producing moulds. You could also replace broken or obsolete items using our printing facilities. 

Contact us with your needs and allow us to help. An STL file of the product is needed before the printing takes place, but on many occasions we can help assist with this.

 0161 620 3888  

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